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Legalization of non-cash funds in Israel. Assistance in resolving issues related to citizenship and the protection of the rights of Olim Hadashim.

Complete assistance at all stages of repatriation.

We achieve fast results from Israeli officials and accelerate bureaucratic procedures.

We work only according to the contract. We provide the kind of service to which you are accustomed.

  • SWIFT transfers from Russia;;
  • Business repatriation, opening of VIP accounts and private banking;
  • Financial consulting for immigrants.
  • Turn-key repatriation
  • Accelerated repatriation for those who come in the status of a tourist,
  • Buying real estate in Israel from the developer;
you on all issues related to the transfer of money from Russian banks to Israeli banks.

Your documents that may be necessary to confirm the legal origin of the money.
Any issues related to SWIFT transfer, accompany you to banks in Israel, both online and physically. We work without prepayment!
EMERGENCY CARE for your problems
  • Swift transfers from Russia to Israel. Any amounts. Accelerating the procedure in banks
  • Opening bank accounts for tourists in Israel
  • Payment for Russian loans in rubles in exchange for shekels. And vice versa.
  • Disputed issues of citizenship
  • Citizenship of the "fourth generation"
  • Representation of interests in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Counseling on any legal issues
  • Support of the process of repatriation in Israel
  • Assisting with the restoration of the status of returning Israelis
  • Dealing with the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption, Bituah Leumi, health insurance companies
  • Assistance in applying for benefits, pensions, and privileges
Do you want to speed up any bureaucratic process and make it as smooth as possible? Let us help!
Our Senior Executives

    My main skill and probably the most important one is building communication. Here, in Israel, every "ole Hadash" faces a lot of new instances, there are a lot of bureaucratic issues and incomprehensible nuances... It's good to have someone with whom you can go to an official and solve everything, isn't it? I, unfortunately, did not have any assistants. So an idea came up and so now you have us - the Finance Repatriation Service.


    "Finance repatriation" was intended to help "olim hadashim" transfer money from Russia. The procedure was always difficult but became almost impossible after February 2022.
    Quite quickly we realized that people also needed support in other matters - reading the contracts, dealing with Bituach Leumi, the Labor Exchange, or the Ministry of Absorption, and sometimes even exerting pressure to obtain what their rights entitle them to from the start.

Our team
  • Igor Lupinsky
    Family Financial Consultant
    An experienced business economist, top-level manager and a popular blogger. One of the most famous experts in Israel in the field of financial consulting. Creator of the school of financial responsibility "Where's my money?”
  • Stepan Orlov

    Lawyer in the field of supervisory law

    Acting lawyer in Russia with 17 years of experience, head of the Lawyers Association. Masterfully finds a way out of any legal labyrinth. Accompanies all residents of repatriation and acquisition of Israeli citizenship.

  • Irina Sher

    Your personal assistant at all stages of repatriation

    Professional communicator,, marketer and journalist. Controls all repatriation processes, finds answers to all questions and a way out in the most difficult situations..

Making Your Money Free
We know the law, our rights, and how to negotiate. That’s why we offer help in solving almost any issues in interaction with government agencies in Israel. And we don't just solve the problems of the olim, but do it with a good heart and very efficiently. At times in one day, when the circumstances of the case or the good mood of the local official allow. Sometimes we have to turn on the famous Israeli "sovlanut”.

But in the end we always get the result we want. We will go through all the circles of the labyrinth called "repatriation" together with you and significantly speed up the process!
Our Clients
Michael Liberman
I strongly recommend using the services of Alisa and her agency.
I had an urgent question about a SWIFT transfer to Israel.
I found several different companies while chatting on the subject.
As a result, I contacted Alisa's agency. Alisa got in touch with me.
I decided to work with her right after the meeting because of two things:
1. She asked me thoroughly;
2. She said that in theory, I could try it myself, in other words, she didn't try to scare me or impose her services;
In reply to my question about timing, she said that she couldn't guarantee any specific timing as it depended on many factors. At the same time, she said that we will try to do all possible and impossible. This gave me confidence that I went to a professional and not a fraud.

So I made a decision.

We met at a convenient time for me, discussed all the details and they sent me a contract.
And then, in fact, there was magic: I promptly responded to the request of Alisa’s notaries and auditors and filled my package with all the documents they could need. We went together with Alice to two banks several times. At first neither of them wanted to accept the money. In the end they both agreed. I do not like to spend money for something I can do myself or cheaper (many years in business)..... I understood exactly what I had to pay for. For simplicity, confidence in a positive result, communication and negotiation. for the magic) But most importantly - for my time. At the moment I was charged interest for storing money in foreign currency in the Russian Federation. Monthly!
The services of Alisa and her agencies not only saved nerves and time, but also money.
I do not often give recommendations, but this is definitely a recommendation.
And of course ... Alisa, thank you very much for your help!!!
Thank you very much for your help in opening a bank account! Several banks refused to open an account for a tourist with a work permit. We went to the bank together and opened an account, not without problems. I would recommend the service to my friends and to anyone who needs professional help.
I found the service in Telegram messenger while having a problem with the bank and wanting to open an account in another bank. There were also difficulties with opening an account. Alisa came and solved all issues with the bank, great thanks, I loved that these people work for results and will not stop unless the goal is achieved! 
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